Call for papers

newcastlefwf_logoCall for Papers:

Feminist Global Imaginations: Building Bridges
and Challenging Foreclosures

Venue: Newcastle University
Date: 23-24 June 2016

Conveners: Amanda Chisholm, Saskia Stachowitsch, Anna M. Agathangelou

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Feminist international relations scholarship has long emphasized the ways in which global politics is constitutive of and constituted by gendered relations. Concerned with processes of militarization, globalization, development and marketization, feminists have brought to the fore many ways in which global gendered practices marginalize women and a vast majority of men. Feminists from the Global South as postcolonial theorists have brought to our attention how the colonial cuts through our notions of gender. Curiously though, feminist IR has recently observed a drifting apart of feminist work in security studies, concerned with security practices, violence, and militarism, and feminist political economy, concerned with global markets, labor divisions, and migration. Yet, as emerging research suggests (e.g. Elias (ed.) 2015; Agathangelou 2004), bringing these two subfields in conversation with each other cannot only advance our understanding of global politics theoretically, methodologically, and empirically but also provide us with global imaginations otherwise. This workshop thus seeks to reconnect security- and economy-focused feminist approaches to problematize the constructed and violently sustained boundaries between public and private, domestic and international, political and economic, Global North and Global South, as well as to speak to contemporary problems and questions about gendered insecurities and exploitation from the vantage of the colonial.  Finally, this workshop challenges disciplinary boundaries and camp structures in terms of analytical focus and production of knowledge.

Papers submitted can address, but are not limited to:

  • advancing theoretical understandings of ‘security’ and ‘economy’ by bringing in conversation FPE and FSS approaches
  • increasing reflexivity on feminist knowledge production and the construction of ‘debates’; How are the borders between the two fields sustained and in what ways can we talk through them?
  • decolonizing knowledge practices through including non-western thought into understandings and research of political economies and security; reflecting on how colonial conditions have shaped both subfields
  • integrating alternative research methodologies, such as ethnography and auto-ethnography; How do methodologies impact how we define and research the field? In what ways does this idea of the ‘field’ challenge our theoretical assumptions and conceptual frameworks?
  • exploring possible research topics in different global locations, such as post-conflict reconstruction; the UN WPS agenda; violence and insecurity in global care chains; commodification of security and marketization of military masculinities
  • addressing the division of security and economic issues in political practices and advocacy

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words relating to these or cognate themes to the conveners at,, and by April 10 2016. Registration is free. Lunch will be provided. Some modest travel bursaries are likely to be available to those without funding, please express interest when you submit your abstract.