New publication: The Palgrave International Handbook on Gender and the Military

Rachel Woodward and Claire Duncanson (eds.)

With a chapter by Saskia Stachowitsch and Amanda Chisholm: “Military Markets, Masculinities, and the Global Political Economy of the Everyday: Understanding Military Outsourcing as Gendered and Racialised

2017, 580 p.
Palgrave Macmillan UK
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-137-51676-3 | E-Book ISBN: 978-1-137-51677-0

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The Palgrave International Handbook of Gender and the Military provides a comprehensive overview of the multiple ways in which gender and militaries connect.  International and multi-disciplinary in scope, this edited volume provides authoritative accounts of the many intersections through which militaries issues and military forces are shaped by gender.  The chapters provide detailed accounts of key issues, informed by examples from original research in a wealth of different national contexts.  This Handbook includes coverage of conceptual approaches to the study of gender and militaries, gender and the organisation of state military forces, gender as it pertains to military forces in action, transitions and transgressions within militaries, gender and non-state military forces, and gender in representations of military personnel and practices.  With contributions from a range of both established and early career scholars, The Palgrave International Handbook of Gender and the Military is an essential guide to current debates on gender and contemporary military issues.