Talks and activities


  1. ENUMATH 2023: “Symplectic FEM–QTT solution of the acoustic wave equation“, Lisbon (Portugal), 4-8.09.2023, speaker.
  2. SIMAI bi-annual congress 2023: “A CFL-Free SpaceTime Isogeometric Method for the Acoustic Wave Equation”, Matera (Italy), 28.08-01.09.2023, invited speaker.
  3. PoWER 2023: “Symplectic low-rank tensor-structured FEM for the acoustic wave equation”, Turin (Italy), 26-28.07.2023, invited speaker.
  4. SFB 65 Internal Workshop 2023: “Problem-adapted discretisations of wave equations”, Vienna (Austria), 21.06.2023, speaker.
  5. ADWiM 2023: “Low-rank tensor structure in wave propagation phenomena”, online, 28.02.2023, speaker.
  6. PDE Afternoon Seminar: “QTT compression of a symplectic Hamiltonian finite element method for the acoustic wave equation”, Vienna (Austria), 25.01.2023, speaker.
  7. Public presentation of Ph.D. project (University of Vienna): “Spacetime finite element methods for wave problems in time-domain: tensor-structured approaches”, online, 14.10.2022, speaker.
  8. GIMC SIMAI YOUNG 2022: “A stable spacetime isogeometric method for the wave equation”,  Pavia (Italy), 29-30.09.2022, speaker.
  9. Waves 2022: “Stability of spacetime isogeometric methods for wave propagation problems”, Paris (France), 25-29.07.2022, speaker.
  10. EFEF 2022: “Stability of finite element methods and Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) in wave propagation problems”, Espoo (Finland), 3-4.06.2022, speaker.
  11. PDE Afternoon Seminar: “Stability of finite element methods and Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) in wave propagation problems”, Vienna (Austria), 18.05.2022, speaker.
  12. Student Retreat of the Vienna School of Mathematics (VSM): Yspertal (Austria), 19-22.04.2022, speaker.
  13. PDE Afternoon Seminar: “Low-rank representations in the Tensor Train (TT) format for finite element methods”, online, 19.01.2022, speaker.


  1. Parallel computing with MATLAB and MATLAB usage on HPC systems: online, 30-31.01.2024.
  2. ANADay 2023: Vienna (Austria), 27-28.04.2023.
  3. 2nd SFB International Workshop – “Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems”: Vienna (Austria), 19-21.04.2023.
  4. Erwin Schrödinger Lecture by Georg Kaser (U of Innsbruck): “Our changing climate system”: Vienna (Austria), 8.03.2023.
  5. Science and Art – a desirable symbiosis?: Vienna (Austria), 19.01.2023.
  6. Mathematical Theory of Coupling Methods for PDEs: online, 22-23.11.2022.
  7. Summer school of the Vienna School of Mathematics (VSM): Weißensee (Austria), 18-24.09.2022.
  8. ANADay 2022: Linz (Austria), 4-6.05.2022.
  9. Young Researchers Workshop on Mathematical and Numerical Cardiac Modeling: Pavia (Italy) – online, 14.12.2021.
  10. Information Desk for the Open Day of the University of Pavia: Pavia (Italy), 15.07.2021.