Saptarshi at NuHAG

Dr. Saptarshi Das

Hi, welcome to my homepage!! I'm a post-doctoral researcher with Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group , of University of Vienna .

I did my PhD in the topic: Mathematical Methods for Wireless Channel estimation and equalization. For patent and license related to low complexity wireless channel estimation and equlization products contact: transfer [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at.

At present, I'm part of a project related to astronomical image and signal processing. For more detail see

I like to work on the junction of pure and applied mathematics. You will get all other information about me and my work through different link in this page.
Saptarshi at cafe coffee day, Powai, Mumbai.
Numerical Harmonic
Analysis Group
Faculty of Mathematics

Nordbergstrasse 15,
A-1090 Wien, AUSTRIA

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