Linear Algebra

Time: On Mondays from 13:15-14:45
Place: Seminarraum 16, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 3rd floor

Correct Textbook: Lineare Algebra und Analysis - Skriptum zu den Vorlesungen im BA-Studium Statistik von I. Bomze

Mid-term Test: 25th Nov 2015, 16:45-18:15 Hörsaal 1
End-term Test: 16th Dec 2015, 16:45-18:15 Hörsaal 1
Replacement Test: 13th Jan 2016, 16:45-18:15 Hörsaal 13

5 October Lesson 1 Introduction; Sets of numbers; Set operations; Review about types of proofs (Direct, Indirect, Mathematical induction);
Obligatory homeworks are Exercises 1 - 7 in section 4:
Lesson 1 and Homeworks for 12th Oct
12 October Lesson 2 Vectors, linear combinations, scalar product, orthogonality, subspaces
Homeworks for 19th Oct
19 October Lesson 3 Linear (in)dependence, spanning set, basis
Homeworks for 30th October
with explanations and worked-out examples
26 October National holiday - No lesson
30 October Lesson 4 Matrix operations, Rank, Gauss elimination,
Linear equation systems, Matrix inverse
Homeworks for 9th November
2 November Teaching-free day - No lesson
9 November Lesson 5 Linear operations and their matrix representations, determinant, inverse
Homeworks for 16th November
16 November Lesson 6 Determinants, vector decomposition to parallel and perpendicular components
Homeworks for 23rd November
Highlights for the Test
23 November Lesson 7 Linear Equation Systems
Reduced amount of Homework for 30th November
30 November Lesson 8 Eigenvalues, eigenvectors
Homework for 7th December
7 December Lesson 9 Algebraic and geometric multiplicity of eigenvalues, symmetric matrices, diagonalizable matrices
Homework for 14th December
14 December Lesson 10