Time: On Thursdays from 16:45-18:15
Place: Seminarraum 14, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 2nd floor

Textbook: Lineare Algebra und Analysis - Skriptum zu den Vorlesungen im BA-Studium Statistik von I. Bomze

Mid-term Test: 3rd May 2016, 18:30-20:00 Hörsaal 4
End-term Test: 28th June 2016, 18:30-20:00 Hörsaal 14

3 March Lesson 1 Introduction; Mathematical induction; Review of trigonometric functions;
Lesson 1 and Homeworks for 10th March
10 March Lesson 2 Introduction to sequences;
Homeworks for 17th March
17 March Lesson 3 Sequences;
Homeworks for 7th April
7 April Lesson 4 Sequences and series;
Homeworks for 14th April
14 April Lesson 5 Series and power series;
Homeworks for 21st April
21 April Lesson 6 Continuity and differentiability of functions of one variable;
Homeworks for 28th April
28 April Lesson 7 An application of differential calculus: full analysis of functions;
Homeworks for 12th May
12 May Lesson 8 Taylor series;
Homeworks for 19th May
19 May Lesson 9 Taylor series; Integration
Homeworks for 30th May
30 May Lesson 10 Integration;
Homeworks for 2nd June
2 June Lesson 11 Integration; Limit and continuity of bivariate functions;
Homeworks for 9th June
9 June Lesson 12 Multivariate functions;
Homeworks for 16th June
16 June Lesson 13 Implicit functions and implicit differentiation;
Extreme values of multivariate functions;
Homeworks for 23rd June
23 June Lesson 14