sweetView: a simple, quick, and powerful viewer for MRI images and SPM results

We all love SPM. However, creating really nice figures for your talk or publication typically involves quite a lot of manual labor and post processing. And then, just when you are done and send the figures to your co-authors, you are informed that you need to exclude one subject from group analysis because their drug screening was positive (or negative – depending on the study).

Things like this happen and this was my motivation to create sweetView a simple and powerful viewer for MRI images and SPM results that allows you to quickly create triplanar or mosaic overlays of your SPM results. The core features include fast selection of images, easily customizable overlays for masks or SPMs, adding (anatomical) labels and saving the slice selection and multiple cursor positions, so you can easily reproduce your original figure design.

The software has been designed for people who use Matlab and SPM12.


Development roadmap:

  • sweetView v0.4. User experience. Rewriting user interface backend code, easier interface for global/local view settings, color picker, multiple windows (May 2017).
  • sweetView v0.6. Masking. Create masks, brain atlas integration, smart functional masks (July 2017)
  • sweetView v0.8. Time. 4D NIFTIs, time series, animations (Sept. 2017)
  • sweetView v1.0. Major release. Dissemination and release (Oct. 2017)