Ulrich and me, working hard. [© Tirza Podzeit]

My colleague Ulrich Schwarz and me, we are both into agricultural history. Since Fall 2014 we’ve been organizing regular public seminars (4-5 per semester) where we discuss papers and books related to the field. So far, we’ve had topics such as Food Regimes, Contract Choice Theory, Coerced Labour or Economic Anthropology. For more details see our posters below.

We’ve chosen the label ‘Agrarian Studies’ (and not, e.g., ‘Agrarian History’) for two reasons. First, because we’re also interested in non-historical topics. The Food Regime approach and Contract Choice Theory, for example, are totally relevent for present-day agriculture. Second, we wanted to make a reference to the Agrarian Studies program at Yale, led by James Scott, whose work has been very important for our own.

In Spring 2017 the organization of the Agrarian Studies Group’s Seminars has been passed onto the hands of our colleagues Michael Adelsberger and Markus Mayer. Thanks guys!

Agrarian Studies Group Schnitt

Our Group in Spring 2016. The number of participants fluctuates from ca. five to ten.


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Poster Agrarian Studies Fall 2016 Kopie


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Agrarian Studies Poster Spring 2015

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