Roland Donninger's Homepage

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University of Vienna
Faculty of Mathematics
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 4277 55713
E-Mail: roland[dot]donninger[at]univie[dot]ac[dot]at

Current research interests

My field of research is the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations. At the moment I am mainly interested in nonlinear wave equations originating in mathematical physics, general relativity, and geometry. The analysis of these equations requires tools from different areas of mathematics. As a consequence, I also work in spectral theory, semigroup theory, harmonic analysis, differential geometry, and numerics. On the physical side, my main interests lie in general relativity and mathematical physics.

Short CV

Publications and preprints

All my publications are freely available on the arXiv. A list of talks I gave can be found here.

Research Group

Here you can find information on my research group on dispersive PDEs.


Office hours: Tuesday 14:30 to 16:00, SSC, by appointment only

If you are looking for a topic for your Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD thesis, please have a look at this page. Information on current and past teaching at the University of Vienna can be found here. A complete list of all teaching activities and supervised theses is here and teaching evaluations of my courses can be found here.

I am one of the coordinators of the Vienna Master Class Mathematical Physics. If you intend to pursue your master studies in the field of mathematical physics, this should be interesting for you.