Particular information related to courses of WS 2020



Course information for 040131 Introductory Econometrics


·         Since November 4, teaching has been done on-line via BigBlueButton. All material is available on the Moodle surface. There are also recordings for the October sessions. The BigBlueButton sessions are also recorded in principle, but the unit on November 11 was not recorded due to technical problems. As a consequence, we switched to Collaborate, which proved to work much better. Fortunately, currently I can teach from my office, which benefits the quality of the transmission.

·         The midterm test was on December 2; like all other tests currently, it was done on-line ‘digitally’. Also, role-model tests had been uploaded on Moodle. Results have been sent to participants.

·         Please note that the sequence of course units does not follow the pattern provided in u:space any more, as we do not need physical classrooms. Nonetheless, I will not teach beyond January 20, as participants may already have allotted their personal schedules accordingly. This final test uses course material that has been taught until (and including) January 13. The unit on January 18 is reserved for repetition.

·         The final test was on January 20, 9:45-11:15am. This time slot followed the preferences of those participants who voted (thank you for voting). It was another on-line test, just like the midterm test. Note that even the final test is not an “exam”, no registration is required, there are no alternative dates.

·         The material on instrumental variables that had to be skipped this year is made available to participants via Moodle. It was not relevant for the final test.


Course information for 040216 Macroeconomics (MA)


·         Since November 9, teaching has been switched from asynchronous (voice-over) to synchronous via Blackboard Collaborate. Sessions are also recorded, so they can be watched later. All material is accessible to participants via the Moodle surface.

·         The first exam date was on January 27. On advice from the study advisor, it has now been decided that this exam is online only. Note that this is an exam, and you must register for the exam, the registration for the course does not suffice.

·         The second exam date was on March 5. Remarks for the previous date again apply.

·         Two more exam dates will be provided, all in the summer semester (April to June 2021).