Information for specific courses


040131 Introductory Econometrics


·         Four sets of slides have been sent to participants: general guidelines and the sections on simple regression, on multiple regression, and on heteroskedasticity. If you wish to receive these slides but you are not registered or you for any reason did not receive them, kindly contact me.

·         The date for the first midterm test was convened in class on October 9. It took place on November 6. 85 participants have attended, and these form our cohort for the remainder of the course. Results have been mailed to participants.

·         Role-model tests for the first midterm test from previous years are available here: the first test from 2017 and that from 2015.

·         A homework assignment has been mailed to participants. It should have been received by November 26, 18:30, and it was commented on in class. Homework assignments can be done in groups of one to three participants, and this first one has contributed up to 9 (additional, i.e. maximum score remains at 100) points to your grade score. In total, contributions from homework assignment are limited by some 10-15 points. Submitting them is not mandatory.

·         The date for the second midterm test was convened in class on October 16. It took place on December 11. 83 (out of 86 registered) participants attended this second midterm. Results have been mailed to participants.

·         The final test took place on January 28, 2020. 75 participants attended. All participants have been contacted regarding scores on the final test and course grades.

·         Role-model tests for the second midterm test from previous years are available here: the second test from 2017 and that from 2016.

·         Role-model tests for the final test from previous years are available here: the final test from 2018 and the one from 2017.



040216 Macroeconomics (MA, International Business Economics)


·         This is a lecture course (VO) and requires no registration. This implies, however, that I will not know your names and addresses. If you are not registered but would like to receive the slides, kindly contact me via e-mail.

·         Participants have been mailed four sets of slides for this course. In case you did not receive these slides, kindly contact me by e-mail.

·         This lecture course is recorded on U:Stream. The first two units and the unit of December 9, 2019, however, are not available. Please note that some recordings reflect technical issues, not all of them are under my control.

·         The final exam is like all other comparable exams: closed book, i.e. apart from dictionaries no tools allowed; four to six questions. Explicitly, this is not a ‘multiple choice’ test. A role-model exam from a comparable course is available on the Moodle platform. Please be aware that course contents and emphasis may have changed. The current online exams are similar to the regular ones, except that they are by construction open book.

·         There was no teaching on December 16, the unit was canceled. The last unit was on January 27, 2020.

·         Exam dates are announced on U:Find. The first date was February 3, 3:00-4:30pm, HS 1. Other exam dates were on March 2, May 11 (online), June 16 (online; this was the last date for this course).