Information for specific courses

(WS 2018 course on econometrics)


Information for the participants of the course 040131 Introductory Econometrics


·         Five sets of slides (simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, heteroskedasticity, basic dynamic regression, serial correlation) and a file with preliminary and general information have been sent to participants. In case you did not receive any of the six items, please send me an email.

·         The date for the midterm test has been convened in the evening unit on October 3. The midterm test was on October 29 in the usual course slot 6:30-8:00pm, HS4. Please note that the final test will be in the last course unit (Wednesday 21/11, 18:30-20:00, HS 6) and does not have to be convened.

·         As a role-model test, please find here last year’s first midterm. Note that this year’s midterm test has slightly more course material than the role-model test.

·         As other role-model tests, please find here last year’s second midterm and an older second midterm. Note that this year’s midterm differs slightly from this role-model test. This year's midterm test includes the first three sets of slides, i.e. with heteroskedasticity, although excluding dynamic regression.

·         A role-model test for the finals from last year is accessible here. Note that the usual proviso applies, and that course material and emphasis may have changed.