Archive: detailed course information for the winter semester 2014



Information for the participants of course 040131 (Introductory econometrics)


       In the first unit on October 6, the general outline of the course was confirmed. We will have several written tests. Due to restricted availability of lecture rooms, there are three tests only, with increasing weights of 25%, 35%, 45% (maximum 105%; 50% suffice for passing the course). The first test was on October 29, a second test took place on November 19. The third and final test was on January 28, 2015. These issues were discussed in the unit on November 12.

       Please note the clause in the course syllabus. Those 98 students who wrote the first test on October 29 are our official participants; they will receive grades on this course. Those who did not write the first test are not regarded as participating, and they will not receive a grade on this course. 94 students wrote the second test on November 19, so the remaining 4 participants will have another chance at the finals.

       The syllabus for this course roughly corresponds to the Sections 1-8, 10, 12, 15 of the Wooldridge textbook. In the unit on January 19, we had a short look at Section 16.

       After November 19, the lecture dates and locations are a little confusing. It appears that the following schedule holds. In November, there were no more course units after the test. In December, course units were on 1/12, 3/12, 10/12, 15/12, 17/12. The Wednesday units were at the usual slots and location (HS 14). The two Monday units were in HS 4, 16:45-18:15. In January, we returned to the regular units according to the pattern before November 19 (MO and WE in HS 14), but the last of these units was on January 21. An additional unit on January 28, 11:30-13:00, HS 6, serves as the time slot for the final test. Unfortunately, this schedule has been dictated by the availability constraints on lecture rooms.

       The course material for the final test concentrates on the slide sections #3 to #6, i.e. heteroskedasticity, time series, autocorrelation, and instrumental variables. This corresponds roughly to sections 8,10,12,15 of the textbook. The main issues from the slide sections #1 and #2 is also assumed as known. Slide section #7 (textbook section 16) will not be used.



Information for the participants of course 040064 (Forecasting)


       In the first unit on October 7, the general outline of the course was confirmed. The first part of the course will close with a written test in early December. After that, participants will work on small forecasting projects on actual data that will be turned in in written form by the end of the January 2015. For these projects, participants can work in groups of two or three persons.

       You should receive the slides that are used for this course regularly by e-mail. Slide sets #1 to #5 have already been sent to you. If you did not receive the slides, please contact me directly by e-mail.

       In the unit on October 21, we agreed on a date for the test: the test was written on December 9. 35 students were present at the test. Results of the test have been mailed directly to all course participants.

       The following list concerns the material that was relevant for the test on Dec 9:
Section 2 (= slide set 2, model-free forecasts)
Section 3 (= slide set 3, univariate model-based forecasts; only linear models, until slide 35)
Section 4 (= slide set 4, trend and seasonality; only trends and unit roots have been presented, i.e. until slide 22)
Section 5 (= slide set 5, multivariate forecasts; only vector autoregressions have been presented, i.e. until slide 22)

This list may appear complex, but it corresponds to the material presented in class until Nov 25.

       In the course unit on Dec 16, the organization of the course during January was discussed. With 35 participants, it would be difficult to arrange presentations of all projects in class. For this reason, such presentation will not be obligatory, but it will be rewarded by up to 5 additional score points. Presentations are scheduled for the last two January units on Jan 20 and Jan 27.

       In the unit on Jan 13, the organization of the two last course units in January was discussed, and a request for information was sent out to participants after that. Thanks to all participants who replied to my mail.

       There are two time slots for project presentations on Jan 20 and on Jan 27. One group has presented on Jan 20, and three groups have presented on Jan 27. Special thanks to those who attended the presentations and particularly to those who contributed by comments.

       Whether presented or not, all project reports are expected to be received by Jan 31, 2015.