Cauchy problem seminar, Sommersemester 2011

Some references for the wave equation on Minkowski space-time:

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The spherical means approach, etc.: pp. 75-95 from Evans's PDEs I, or from Copson

Fourier methods for the Minkowski wave equation: Taylor part I Taylor part II

On Sonya Kovalevskaya (djvu)

Here are scans of the Ehlers-Friedrich-Rendall-Schmidt notes on the Cauchy problem, Garching preprint "Das Cauchy Problem", 1989:
p4 p14 p1-p19.pdf p20-p26.pdf p27-p42.pdf p43-p56.pdf

The Lewy example

Link to the Lewy paper

Matthias Koeck notes on the Lewy example

Cauchy problem in GR

My lecture notes on the Cauchy problem

Further reading:

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