ESI-EMS-IAMP Summer School on Mathematical Relativity

Application Procedure

Participation is subject to invitation. To apply for an invitation, click here to reach the application page. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2014, but applications before March 15, 2014 are strongly encouraged.

On the application page, applicants will be asked i) to provide a brief statement of their research interests, including a brief explanation of how participation in the school will benefit their research goals; ii) to provide a brief scientific curriculum vitae, including a concise description of coursework (in geometry, PDE, and/or general relativity) relevant to the school; iii) to arrange for at least one, and preferably two, recommendation letters, to be emailed directly to

Some support for local expenses will be available. Participants selected for support will receive a per-diem to be paid by bank transfer after the school is completed.

Some travel support will be available, but note that travel expenses are usually not reimbursed by the ESI. However, a grant from the National Science Foundation will provide partial support for a number of qualified participants from the U.S.

Students or post-docs based in Vienna are not eligible for financial support.

Successful applicants may contact the ESI at to help with housing in Vienna.

Participants should plan to arrive on Sunday, July 27, 2014.