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28 September 2020

Global Leaders' Pledge for Nature (initially signed by 64 heads of state)

Today, in the context of the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity, a declaration has been released "to step up global ambition for biodiversity and to commit to matching our collective ambition for nature, climate and people with the scale of the crisis at hand".

Link to videos of statements on Youtube

The Declaration and the supporters are listed on Here some quotes from the document:

The pledge was developed in the context of the Club of Rome's Climate - Planetary Emergency activities. It's wording is really remarkable, and forms a base on which we should be able to push the endorsing countries. And here is the list of initial endorsing states - and non-endorsers (endorsers having aligned themselves later added in gray - list may change, apologies if not up-to-date):

Endorsed by head of state Not (yet?) endorsing (Lists are not complete!)
Comores Djibouti Gambia Kenya Lesotho Morocco Seychelles Timor-Leste
Congo Gabon Nigeria Uganda

Algeria Egypt Ethiopia Ghana Mozambique South Africa Sudan Tanzania Tunisia ...
Belize Bolivia Canada Costa Rica Colombia Guatemala Honduras Mexico Panama Paraguay Peru St Lucia St Vincent and Grenadines

Argentina Brazil Chile Ecuador United States Venezuela ...
Asia Pacific
Bangla Desh Bhutan Fiji Israel Marshall Islands Nepal New Zealand Pakistan Palau Sri Lanka
Jordan Lebanon Maldives Mongolia Timor Leste
Australia China India Indonesia Iran Japan Philippines Saudi-Arabia South Korea Thailand Turkey Vietnam ...
The EU itself, and most EU Countries (except those on the right / below)
Andorra Bosnia and Herzegovina Georgia Iceland Moldava Monaco North Macedonia Norway San Marino United Kingdom
Albania Armenia Estonia Montenegro Romania Switzerland

Belorussia Russian Federation Ukraine ...

On, you can find the up-to-date list as well as links to Youtube to listen to the personal statement of each national leader of (most of) the endorsing countries.

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