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20 April 2020

Air traffic and Covid-19

Obviously, the massive reduction of air traffic is one of the most striking impacts of the Covid measures, and it has a significant positive effect on the environment.

EUROCONTROL, the European air traffic control organisation, has a very interesting section on air traffic and Covid19, including visual before-after comparisons (like the one shown here).

There is a network of 150+ initiatives, Stay grounded!, which is campaigning for #SavePeopleNotPlanes.

21 April 2020: Austrian Airlines announces a downsizing of its fleet. A maximum of 75 percent of the pre-coronavirus level is expected by the end of 2021. Austrian Airlines Executive Board member Andreas Otto comments: “The entire airline industry is pessimistic. We have to assume that we will reach the ‘pre-corona level’ again in 2023 at the earliest.”

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