5 (2002), Nr.4/December

Off the Air - die Künste und das Radio. Offener Brief an: Prof. Alfred Treiber, Kultur- und Programmchef von Ö1, ORF Rundfunk, Argentinierstraße 30a, 1041 Wien. Preliminary. 1423 Zeichen.


The document is presented here for the December 2002 issue for the second time. The first time I put it online - in mahr'svierteljahrsschriftfürästhetik 3 (2000), Nr.3/September - I could not manage to cause the editoring program switching entirely the font from Courier to Times New Roman. For reasons I don not know, it seemed to me in the course of the time since as if the document did not exist anymore at all. Past summer I sent mails to those who, so I hoped, would have stored the thing in one or the other form. Without positive response. Only incidentally I realized quite recently that the journal's backup directory had kept the file well alive, quite to the opposite of my perception. Another coincidence consists in - in order to to get back to matters - the fact that Ö1 changed its program with 2003. Believe me - if you are not Austrian - we quite sensibly take notice of any change as little as it may be in this respect. Ö1 is, not only in my opinion, number one beyond Austrian radio broadcasting programs. It achieved the reputation and still achieves it because of a high quality mix of news, classical and high level popular music, magazine programs and talkshows, a mix that somehow is representative of what Austria's culture would suscribe to. However, since the ORF who entertains twelve more radio programs funded in part by the Republic of Austria never was a democratic institution in terms of listeners, program reforms appear to be ordered by the management and influenced by governments. This time not even the press was informed as if a political decision had to be smuggled during Christmas and New Year holidays. Therefore I reissue my open letter to Prof. Alfred Treiber from 2000. Go to


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