The so-called LOBSTER platform is an online data-generating tool which has been developed by a research group at Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Vienna. It provides up-to-date, high-quality and easily accessible limit order book data of tickers in the NASDAQ universe.

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Familiarize yourself with LOBSTER's output via our sample files and the detailed description of the output structure. Two access options – one for institutions and one for individual researchers – are available.
Joining LOBSTER is very simple – look it up.

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"[...] the standard NASDAQ data feed for serious traders - [displaying] the full order book depth [...]"*.



  • customized level of detail.
    Select from up to 200 order book price levels available depending on the level of detail required for your research - whether 'trades and quotes', i.e. level 1, level 10 or level 20.

  • detailed event information.
    Submissions, cancellations and executions (visible and hidden) are uniquely identified. For each limit order event in the requested price range the following information is included: Time stamp (up to nanosecond precision), order ID, price, size and buy/sell indicator.

  • latest data.
    Our database contains data from the 27th of April 2010 up to the day before yesterday.
  • choosing stocks and periods.
    Download only the data that you actually need for your research project!

  • flat-rate and pay-per-use access.
    Two access options are available: A flat rate access for research institutions and a pay-per-use option for individual researchers.