Nathanaël Berestycki's Homepage

Nathanaël Berestycki's Homepage

Conferences organised

Markov chains Mixing Times, with Eyal Lubetzky, Roberto I. Oliveira, and Yuval Peres. Americal Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, CA, 6-10 June 2016.

Dimers Day with Benoit Laslier and Gourab Ray. In Cambridge, 23 May 2016.

Random Geometry: Together with Itai Benjamini, Jean-Francois Le Gall and Scott Sheffield I organised a 6-month long programme at the Newton Institute, Cambridge. This took place between from January to June 2015.

Geometry and Analysis of Random Processes, Cambridge 8-12 April 2013.

The Geometry of Discrete Random Structures took place 18-22 June 2012 in Warwick.