Program for the Math  Audio-Miner workshop

6-7Dec 2011


Tuesday, 6th Dec


9.30 Introduction – Hans Feichtinger, Monika Dörfler, Arthur Flexer

10.00 Monika Dörfler:  Aspects of time-frequency and audio inpainting


Discussion 1: “Masking and Inpainting” – what are the connections, what are open questions we would like to address?



12.00 Lunch


(Monika teaches 13.00-15.00 – open for discussion groups.. or other fun stuff)

15.15 Matthieu Kowalski: Structured Sparsity – Theoretical Aspects

16.15 Kai Siedenburg: Structured Sparsity – Numerical Aspects and experimental results


Discussion 2: “Sound objects” – is it the right concept? What could replace it?



Wednesday, 7th Dec


10.00-11.15 Discussion Time

11.15 Bruno´Torresani: Uncertainty relations and the connections to sparsity (Nuhag seminar)


12.30 Lunch


14.30 Ewa Matusiak: Adaptive representations: theoretical aspects

15.30 Nicki Holighaus: Adaptive representations: numerical aspects

16.30 Thomas Grill: Adaptive representations: artistic aspects


Discussion: Adaptive representations: what do they buy, what do they cost? What remains to be done?


Evening: Dinner at Monika’s place