Research Projects and Funding

Public Funding and Scientific Networks are key for successful, free innovation in Science.  
This page includes a list of our Active and Terminated Research Projects and Collaborations.

TACO - TAming COmplexity in Materials Modeling
2021-2025 -- SFB (Austrian FWF Special Research Program)
Speaker: U. Diebold
PI: C. Franchini
co-PI: M. Reticcioli

We aim to combine advanced first-principles approaches with computer-vision and machine-learning techniques to accelerate and automatize the study of polarons and novel polaron effects in perovskites.

OPERA - European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy
2021-2025 -- COST Network
Main Proposer: N. Gogneau
Secondary Proposer: M. Reticcioli

The OPERA COST Action aims to address two key points for developing the devices of tomorrow: the maturation of materials synthesis and properties for developing more efficient and cheaper devices and the development of new materials and new functionalities for the emergence of new devices. Based on a transversal organization, gathering expert scientists, laboratories, platforms and the European industry originating from different communities but having complementary knowledge and common interests, the Action will foster interdisciplinary collaborative research activities.

Polarity for Polarons
Polarity for Polarons
2021-2023 -- OeAD Mobility (Czech Republic)
PI: M. Reticcioli
Czech PI: M. Setvin

Our aim is to investigate the possibility for polarons to form spontaneously on polar oxide surfaces, in the absence of any defects. This is a novel paradigm with broad implication: It suggests that a competition between metallic two-dimensional gas and localized polarons could exist intrinsically on a wide range of polar surfaces.

CORREAX - Correlated Oxide Surfaces
2020-2022 -- OeAD Mobility (South Korea)
PI: C. Franchini
Collaborator: M. Reticcioli

The overall goal of this this joint project is to strengthen and expand the scientific cooperation between several research groups in Austria and the Republic of Korea with the aim of establishing a durable strategic link between the two countries in the field of materials science. The focus of the research is the study of novel quantum behaviours of transition metal oxides surfaces and heterostructures by means of a synergistic integration of computational, theoretical and experimental tools and analysis.

Terminated Projects:

Doctorate Completion Fellowship
Polarons on transition-metal oxide surfaces
2018 -- Doctorate Completion Fellowship (University of Vienna)
Applicant Student: M. Reticcioli
PhD Supervisor: C. Franchini

This project aimed at a detailed description of the chemical and physical properties of dimensional confinement, electronic correlations, spin coupling and electron-lattice interactions in transition metal oxides.
This Fellowship has allowed me to finalize the Doctorate, which was finally awarded by prestigious prizes:
Doc. Award 2019 (by the City of Vienna, and the University of Vienna),
Hans Thirring Prize 2018/2019 (by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna).

Erasmus Placement
2014 -- University of L'Aquila
Applicant Student: M. Reticcioli
Host: C. Franchini (University of Vienna)

This internship at Prof. Franchini's group at the University of Vienna aimed at the development of the Unfolding scheme within the VASP code, and at the study of the unfolded band structure for iron-based superconductors, in the framework of my Master Thesis at University of L'Aquila.

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