Michael Stachowitsch




Research Interests 

     Benthic ecology / hypoxia, anoxia, eutrophication / habitat degradation /

     marine debris / sea turtle ecology / coral reef ecology  


    Austrian representative to the International Whaling Commission

    Book review editor: Journal “Marine Ecology” (Wiley/Blackwell)


Habilitation University of Vienna (2008) The Northern Adriatic Sea:

        Lessons in marine ecology from a “dead zone”.

    Ph.D. (zoology), University of Vienna (Austria) 1980.

    B.Sc. (biology/chemistry), University of Pittsburgh (USA) 1973


Current teaching

   “Introduction to marine pollution”, "Conservation of sea turtles in Turkey”,

   “Management of endangered species”, “Writers’ workshop for biologists”.   



    ca. 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

    Most recent: Co-author of 6 papers in Special Issue of Biogeosciences

    “Coastal hypoxia and anoxia: a multi-tiered, holistic approach”.

                 Book: The Invertebrates: an illustrated glossary (Wiley, 1992),


Links: Expanded CV/selected publications/anoxia project: www.marine-hypoxia.com

            Sea turtle conservation: www.seaturtlecourse.jimdo.com

            Current FWF project: www.univie.ac.at/HistoricalEcology