Me, at a glance

Professional History
since 2018Research associate, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna
2017-2018Post-doctoral research associate, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrewsm United Kingdom

Curriculum Vitae

2013-2017PhD in Physics - Thesis "Negative Frequency at the horizon", experimental and theoretical investigation of the scattering of quantum field modes at event horizons in astrophysics and in dispersive media. University of St Andrews, United Kingdom.
2012-2013MSc Degree in Photonics and Optoelectronic Devices, Universities of St Andrews, Heriot-Watt (UK) and Orleans (France).

Latest publications

Quantum vacuum emission from a refractive-index front (2015)

We analytically calculate the first laboratory-frame spectra of spontaneous emission at an optical event horizon that feature contributions from modes of positive as well as negative Klein-Gordon norm. We find that regimes with black- and white hole horizon, as well as horizonless, conditions are realised simultaneously, which opens up the possibility to study quantum emission in distinct regimes with and without horizons.

The influence of spacetime curvature on quantum emission in optical analogues to gravity (2018)

We present an analytical calculation of the mode conversion on curved spacetimes in an optical analogue to gravity, aiming to identify signatures of quantum emission in experimental observables. Due to dispersion, the radiation is not described by a single temperature. Indeed, spacetime curvature varies as a function of frequency and we use this to demonstrate its influence on the emission: mode conversion is dominated by the presence of horizons. This enables us to find specificities of the Hawking effect at the horizon compared to horizonless emission.

Negative Frequency at the horizon (2018)

My PhD dissertation, published as a book via the Springer These Prize. I provide a primer to the analogue gravity programme. I then introduce theoretical advances on the analytical and numerical calculation of the scattering of quantum field modes at an event horizon in dispersive media. I also present an experiment aimed at observing the scattering of a monochromatic coherent mode at an event horizon in an optical fibre.

Royal Society Scientific Discussion Meeting on Analogue Gravity


Dr Maxime Jacquet, University Vienna (Austria)
Dr Silke Weinfurtner, University of Nottingham (UK)
Dr Friedrich Koenig, University of St Andrews (UK)

The research programme of analogue gravity is nowadays strongly established in the field of condensed matter physics, with the ultimate goal to further our fundamental understanding of Nature. A novel generation of experiments and theories is now pushing the field beyond its initial goals of observing Hawking Radiation. Examples are the study of different regimes of spacetime curvature and of their influence on spontaneous emission, the back-reaction of emission on the metric of spacetime, the realisation of a so-called black hole laser... Simultaneously, new experimental platforms, which may help shedding light on different aspects of gravity, are constantly being proposed.

This Scientific Discussion Meeting on Analogue Gravity at the Royal Society of London is intended to foster a conversation about the state of the art in terms of experiments and discuss possible routes in the future. We aim to facilitate relaxed, cross-generation networking and discussions of new ideas on fundamental issues as well as philosophical considerations such as "validation" or "simulation".

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