Short Biography

Dr Maurice de Gosson

I am an Austrian mathematician, born in 1948 in Berlin, Germany. My mother was from Finland and my father an Austrian citizen who left Austria a few days before the Anschluss. They met in France while studying French at the University; they married after the war in a lovely little fisher town called Saint Tropez. I stayed in Berlin until the age of 6 and thereafter I moved to France, where I went to school, and met Charlyne, my wife in 1969. We have four children. I got my PhD in 1978 at the University of Nice (which was at that time a stronghold of the Bourbaki group) under the supervision of Jacques Chazarain. I obtained my "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" in 1992 at the University of Paris 6 under the mentorship of Jean Leray. See the genealogy project

My main field of research is (broadly speaking) "harmonic analysis and geometry in symplectic spaces". I am particularly interested in time-frequency analysis, in pseudo-differential operators, in symplectic geometry, and their applications to mathematical physics. Foundational questions in Quantum Mechanics is one of my favourite hobbies; I have initiated the "symplectic camel" approach to the uncertainty principle, and proved, using techniques from symplectic geometry, that Schrödinger's equation can be derived from Hamilton's equations.
Some of my hobbies: epistemological and ontological questions in quantum mechanics. Dining out and enjoying good company. more » -->