Microeconomic Theory, Contract Theory, Financial Economics, Behavioral Economics

Accepted and Published Papers:

The selectivity effect of past experience on purchasing decisions: Implications for the WTA-WTP disparity

Journal of Economic Psychology, 2008, 29, 739-746

[+] Abstract

Aspiration Based Choice

Journal of Economic Theory, 2018, 176, 935-956

(with Begum Guney and Michael Richter)

[+] Abstract

Working Papers:

A Bargaining-Based Model of Security Design

(Revise and Resubmit at AEJ: Micro)

[+] Abstract

Information Design in Competitive Insurance Markets

(with Daniel Garcia)

(Revise and Resubmit at JET)

[+] Abstract

Efficient Investment and Search in Matching Markets

(with Alp Atakan and Michael Richter)

[+] Abstract

Dynamic Insurance Contracts Under Adverse Selection and Limited Commitment

(with Tomasz Sadzik)