Research projects

  • WWTF Vienna Research Group for Young Investigators: (current)
    Computational harmonic analysis of high-dimensional biomedical data (CHARMED)
  • Medical University of Vienna (current)
    Clinical support for the development of image analysis tools with mathematical approaches

  • FWF project partner on perceptive optimization of time-frequency audio representation and coding (completed)
  • NIH/DFG: Research Caree Transition Program: (completed)
    Dimension reduction and sparse data representation for biomedical image analysis

Interests in applied mathematics

  • Computational harmonic analysis, frame theory, wavelets, redundant dictionaries
  • Manifold recovery and dimensionality reduction
  • Directional Statistics
  • Nonlinear approximation, n-term approximation, regularization

Interests in biomedicine

  • Precursors of age related macular degeneration
  • Retinal autofluorescence imaging
  • Image analysis in diffuse multi-spectral imaging
  • Computational genetics and analysis of gene regulatory networks