New Frontiers Group

NFG on Multiscale modeling and simulation of crowded transport in the life and social sciences

  • The New Frontiers Groups were funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences to provide flexible structures for cutting edge research in science for young researchers.

  • The NFG will start in February 2014 at the RICAM in Linz. The total funding period is 5 years, the funding volume 1.600.000 EUR.

  • The NFG will focus on the mathematical modeling and simulation of crowded transport on multiple scales. The first research objective concerns general modeling aspects of crowded motion, i.e. translation of the microscopic interactions on the macroscopic scale, as well as their application in biology and social sciences. These applications include pedestrian motion, cell motility, animal herding or the transport of charged particles in biological and synthetic channels.

    Based on the derived mathematical models and their analytic behavior, we focus on the development of efficient numerical methods on the macroscopic scale and their consistent coupling with microscopic approaches. An additional line of research, which arises naturally in the context of crowded motion in confined small geometries, are identification or inverse problems.