On some instances I have given some informal as well as formal talks in various places. Here are a few whose slides are available.

1. How to create a website in 10 minutesTezpur University, India, October 2010. (ppt)

2. Chandra: The Man and the MachineTezpur University, India, March 2011. (ppt)

3. My Mathematics: Collaborating the Web 2.0 wayNITS, Mirza, India, April 2011. (ppt)

4. The Man Who Knew Everything (Almost)!!-On the life, works and pranks of Richard Phillips FeynmanTezpur University, India, September 2011. (pdf)

5. The Road to Olympiads-An Exciting Journey!Carmel School, Digboi, India, November 2011. (pdf)

6. Feynman, Mathematics, Science and a Single IdeaTezpur University, India, October 2012. (pdf)

7. NumbersPodar International School, Mumbai, India, September 2013. (video)

8. Cranks in Ramanujan’s Lost NotebookTezpur University, India, October 2013. (pdf)

9. Numbers: The Alphabet of NatureTezpur University, India, March 2013. (pdf) (video)

10. The spt-function and its CrankTezpur University, India, March 2013. (pdf)

11. Representations of the Symmetric GroupThe Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, August 2015. (pdf)

12. Ranks and Cranks of PartitionsCombinatorics Working Seminar, University of Vienna, Austria, November 2015. (pdf)

13. Some Results on Generalized Multiplicative Perfect NumbersNational Seminar on Advances in Mathematical Sciences, Gauhati University, India, December 2015. (pdf)

14. Graphical Condensation and Aztec RectanglesCombinatorics Working Seminar, University of Vienna, Austria, May 2016. (pdf)

15. Enumeration of Domino Tilings of an Aztec Rectangle with boundary defectsDiscrete Mathematics Seminar, Technical University of Vienna, Austria, June 2016. (pdf)

16. Enumeration of domino tilings of an Aztec rectangle with boundary defects3rd Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics Summer School, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (Johannes Kepler University Linz), Hagenberg, Austria, August 2016. (pdf)

17. Graphical Condensation and Counting Perfect Matchings of Planar GraphsALEA in Europe Young Researcher’s Workshop, Technical University of Vienna, Austria, September 2016. (pdf)