DROSG-2000: Neutron Source Reactions

Data files with computer codes for 60 accelerator-based two-body neutron source reactions

v. 12.01, IAEA-NDS-87 Rev. 10, March 2017


prepared by M. Drosg Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

Abstract: This package contains data and three computer codes to calculate:

- neutron energies, differential cross-sections and differential yields;

- thick-target yields and white neutron spectra from two-body neutron producing reactions;

- differential cross sections and energies of (n,p), (n,d), (n,t) and (n,4He) reactions which are time-reversed neutron production reactions (using detailed balance calculations)

The package is can be downloaded from http://www-nds.iaea.org . or as iaea-nds-0087ver12.01.zip from here.


Description of the 3 codes:

1) NEUYIE: Accelerator-based mononenergetic neutron production This program calculates neutron energies, differential cross-sections and (for isotopic pure targets) differential neutron yields for monoenergetic neutron sources using internal tables. The Legendre coefficients of the differential cross sections are stored in the files *.KOE, the energy loss tables needed for the neutron yield calculations in the files *.ELS. The neutron yields are given for an energy loss of the projectile that results in 10 keV neutron energy spread at 0 degree.

2) WHIYIE: White neutron yields from two-body reactions This program calculates angular differential thick-target neutron yields of white neutron sources that are based on the two-body reactions covered under 1). As an option, a white spectrum at a chosen angle ready for plotting is produced.

3) TIMREV: Differential cross sections and energies of (n,p), (n,d), (n,t) and (n,alpha) reactions This program calculates differential cross sections and energies of some (n,p), (n,d), (n,t) and (n,alpha) reactions by detailed balance from the time reversed reactions covered under 1).

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