Visiting Dresden on occasion of the Fast Neutron Workshop

(3 weeks after the tremendous flood.)

On the way:

Aussig at the Elbe river

Rock formations near Tyssa

The town:

Still on fire??

View from a church tower on the other side of the Elbe river.

View from the river bank which had been heavily flooded.

Figure from the Japanese palace. Within a few inches

the palace has escaped heavy damages from the flood.

Downtown Dresden.

Looking into the sky.

The famous Semper Opera (its technical installations were

heavyly damaged).

The Castle is being reconstructed.

Details from the Zwinger (that have not suffered from the flood)

Artificial waterfall


Upstream visits, where the flooding was especially severe:

The castle of Pillnitz. The two dark stone figures in the middle

were completely under water.

A dirt mark on the right-hand pilaster shows the water level.

A tree near the bank caught debris coming with the flood

up to a height of at least 2,5 meters.

The Water Palais at Pillnitz.

The very well kept spacious garden of Pillnitz Castle.

Most (visual) damage done by the flooding had been repaired

three weeks after the flood!

There has been widespread flooding in the town of Pirna.

On these window panes one still can see the dirt marks

indicating the maximum water level

The Barock Gardens of Gross-Sedlitz near Dresden:

Central piece.

In the background the Musical Staircase

The Musical Staircase


Late sun shining on two figures.

Saying farewell.