DROSG-2000: Neutron Source Reactions


Data files with computer codes for 59 accelerator-based neutron

source reactions


Version 2.21 (May 2005)


Each of the following (self-expanding) files contains the complete

package (executable programs and data files) for different platforms.

How to use:


MS-Windows use:

  Run MSwin.EXE to expand the internal .ZIP-files.

  Works with DOS-based operating systems and Windows XT


LINUX use:

  Expand the pclinux.tar file with: tar xvf pclinux.tar

  Contains F95 executables for use with INTEL processors.



  Expand the decunix.tar file with: tar xvf decunix.tar

  Contains F90 executables:


DEC OpenVMS use:

  Expand the openvms.tar file with: TAR/EXTRACT openvms.tar. The result will

  be in a subdirectory [.neutro]. It contains both F77 and F90 executables:

    *.exe for VAXes  (F77)

    *.e90 for ALPHAs (F90)