Current Working Papers

Non-reservation Price Equilibria and Consumer Search, revise and resubmit at Journal of Economic Theory; with Alexei Parakhonyak and Anasatasia Parakhonyak.

Mystifying but Not Misleading: When does Political Ambiguity Not Confuse Voters?, Vienna Economics Papers 1506, with Mariya Teteryatnikova.

On the Clock of the Combinatorial Clock Auction, in progress; with Bernhard Kasberger.

Beliefs and Consumer Search, Vienna Economic Papers 1501, with Sandro Shelegia.

Gaming in Combinatorial Clock Auctions, TI Discussion Paper 13-027, with Vladimir Karamychev.

Mergers in Bidding Markets, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 13-012/VII; with Vladimir A. Karamychev.

On Mergers in Consumer Search Markets, TI Discussion Paper 07-054/1, with José-Luis Moraga.