Current Working Papers

Regulation False Disclosure, with Santanu Roy, Vienna Economics Papers 1705, CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP12450, Revise and resubmit at Rand Journal of Economics.

Wholesale Price Discrimination and Consumer Search, with Edona Reshidi, CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP12945, submitted.

Market Liberalization: Price Dispersion, Price Discrimination and Consumer Search in German Electricity Markets, with Klaus Gugler, Sven Heim, and Mario Liebensteiner, CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP13197, submitted.

Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets, with Atabek Atayev.

On Mergers in Consumer Search Markets, with Jose-Luis Moraga, TI Discussion Paper 07-054/1.

Mergers in Bidding Markets, with Vladimir A. Karamychev, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 13-012/VII.