Mathematik macht Freu(n)de

It has been exciting months, since I started participating in Michael Eichmair's project "Mathematik macht Freu(n)de". A lot of time and effort has gone in developing the so-called "Kompetenzhefte". Trying them out in my own classes has given me a lot of insight and is part of the ever on-going process of improving them. They are available for free and we encourage everybody to try them out and send us feedback.

Workshop preparation

During the last week of school holidays, a mathematical workshop will take place at TGM (Kunststofftechnik). Students of the University of Vienna (Lehramt Mathematik), who participated in a preparatory seminar of Michael Eichmair's project "Mathematik macht Freu(n)de", will come to TGM to run the workshop. It's a great opportunity for both future teachers and pupils, and I'm very much looking forward to be a connecting link between the University of Vienna and TGM!

Upcoming celebration, research and teaching

Proudly presenting my PhD thesis: Simple enumeration formulae related to Alternating Sign Matrices, Monotone Triangles and standard Young tableaux. Moreover, the most recent paper was published in The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Gladly, I also announce that my doctoral graduation (Promotio sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae) takes place on Dies Honorum, May 13, 2015. Since last autumn I am teaching "Angewandte Mathematik" and "Angewandte Informatik" at TGM (Wien 20).

Recent research and talks

Research and Conferences section is up-to-date again. I also included the pdf slides of all talks and the poster presented at FPSAC'13 in Paris.

Summer School, Research and Talks

Back from Summer School on Algebraic and Enumerative Combinatorics in Guimaraes, Portugal... thanks to all for these two awesome weeks! A new paper is available on the arXiv... don't hesitate to contact me in case of questions/found mistakes/suggestions... looking forward to give a talk at FPSAC'12 Conference in Nagoya, Japan! :)

Welcome to my humble website...

There it is: my first personal website... hope you like it :)