Dr. Ljiljana Radonić, Privdoz.
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Previous Positions


  • 2006-2009 Ph.D. at the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program "Cultures of Difference. Transformation in Central Europe", University of Vienna. Thesis: "War on a Reconciliatory Memory - Discourses of Politics of the Past between Revisionism and European Standards", Supervisors: Dieter Segert and Heidemarie Uhl (Disputation on 6 November 2009)
  • Ph.D. awarded the Michael Mitterauer Prize for Social, Cultural and Economic History in Vienna (main prize) in May 2012
  • Since 4/2004 MA in Political Science and Philosophy. Thesis: "The Peaceful Anti-Semite Woman? Political Psychology on Gender and Anti-Semitism", Supervisor: Walter Manoschek
  • Since 1/2006 MA in Translation Studies: Bosnian/ Croatian/Serbian and English. Thesis: "Language of the Holocaust in Austria and Croatia - A Terminological Comparison", Supervisor: Gerhard Budin

Commissions of Trust/Peer-reviewer

  • Since 2020 Palgrave Macmillan Publishing
  • Since 2019 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (PRIME)
  • Since 2019 Austrian Innovation Fund (Studienstiftung) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Since 2019 Südosteuropa. Journal of Politics and Society
  • Since 2019 Czech Science Foundation (GRIS)
  • Since 2019 Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities Programm, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • Since 2019 Journal of Genocide Research
  • Since 2018 Cambridge Review of International Affairs
  • Since 2018 Militärgeschichtliche Zeitschrift of the German Army
  • Since 2018 Anali Hrvatskog politološkog društva: časopis za politologiju
  • 2016/2017 Expert for the Mid-term evaluation of the Europe for Citizens Programme 2014-2020 of the European Commission (Directorate-Generale for Migration and Home Affairs) conducted by Deloitte Consulting, evaluation of strand 1: "European Remembrance"
  • Since 2017 Yad Vashem Studies, Jerusalem
  • Since 2016 Ernst-Mach Fellowship of the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research (OeAD)
  • Since 2016 Nationalities Papers, Routledge
  • Since 2014 Scientific Advisory Board for the project Redesigning the Austrian Heroes' Monument in Vienna, Austrian Ministry of Defence
  • Since 2014 Peter Lang Oxford publishing house, Great Britain
  • Since 2014 Austrian Political Studies Association (OEGPW)
  • Since 2014 Austrian Journal of Political Science (OEZP)
  • Since 2013 Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismusforschung, Germany
  • Since 2012 Fellowship Program of the German Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship


Department of Political Science, University of Vienna

  • SS 2020 | Theories of Racism, Antisemitism, Antigypsism and Islamophobia (BA "Vorlesung")
  • WS 2018 | 2 courses: "Theories of Racism, Antisemitism, Antigypsism and Islamophobia" (MA "Vorlesung") and "Democratization & Politics of the Past in Central and South Eastern Europe" (MA-"Seminar")
  • SS 2018 | 2 courses: "Theories of Antisemitism" (BA "Seminar") and "The Head of Passion. Critical Theory and Critique of Society" (BA "Ringvorlesung"), Vienna
  • WS 2016 | Divided Memories in Central Europe
  • SS 2016 | Conflicting Pasts in the Post-Yugoslav Space
  • WS 2015 | Divided Memories in Central and South East Europe
  • SS 2014 | Transformation of Memory Politics after 1989
  • WS 2013 | Memory Culture and Politics in Central and South East Europe
  • WS 2012 | Democratisation and Memory Politics in Central and South East Europe
  • WS 2011 | Center or periphery? The "East" in the European Memory Community
  • SS 2011 | BA-seminar (supervision of BA-thesis')
  • WS 2010 | BA-seminar (supervision of BA-thesis')
  • SS 2010 | Holocaust vs. Gulag? - Memory conflicts in Central Europe after 1989
  • WS 2008 | Memory Cultures and Politics of the Past in Central Europe
  • SS 2006 | 2 courses: Austrian Politics and the EU
  • WS 2005 | Political Theory: Masses and Mass Movements
  • SS 2005 | Political Theory of Anti-Semitism
  • WS 2004 | Austrian Politics and the EU

Visiting professorship Center for Jewish Studies, University of Graz

    SS 2017
  • Lecture: Theories of Antisemitism
  • SE: Gender and National Socialism as seen by Jewish, non-Jewish and Christian feminists after 1945
  • SE: Shoah and Porajmos in Central East and South East Europe - Memory politics and musealization

Interdisciplinary Visiting Professorship for Critical Theory of the Society
Justus Liebig University Gießen, Germany

    SS 2015
  • Psychoanalysis as critical theory of the society
  • Anti-Semitism theory
  • Gender, National socialism and anti-Semitism
  • (Central and southeastern) European memory conflicts after 1989

Political Education Course at the Danube-University Krems

  • July 2009 | Memory Politics and Cultures in European Comparison (with Heidemarie Uhl)

Tutor at the Department of State Science, University of Vienna

  • 2006-2007 One year research course: "Political Structures and the Political System of the Kosovo" (Walter Manoschek)
  • 2004-2005 One year research course of Walter Manoschek: "Jewish Destinies at the 15th district of Vienna" (Walter Manoschek)

Organization of Conferences & Workshops

Students Representative

  • 2005-2007 Representative of the doctoral students (Dr. phil) at the University of Vienna
  • 2006-2007 Delegate of the Austrian Students' Union at the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers - EURODOC

Language Proficiency

  • German, Croatian: native
  • English: fluent
  • French: school knowledge
  • Jiddisch: reading competence

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