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Are you interested in biomathematics or statistics?
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Mid-term test for "Biomathematik und Spieltheorie" on April 30, 2012!

Excercise sheets for course "Biomathematik und Spieltheorie"

Exercise sheets





Symposium "Population genetics of demography and adaptation" at the SMBE 2012, June 23-26 in Dublin

Call for Abstracts now open!

Call for Papers - ITBAM '12

September 3 - 7, 2012, Vienna, Austria

Now in print Generalized Hankel operators on the Fock space II. Math. [Check it out!]

Now online: Approximations for the hitchhiking effect caused by the evolution of antimalarial-drug resistance [Check it out!]

Kristan A. Schneider and Stephan Peischl (2011). Evolution of Assortative Mating in a Population Expressing Dominance. PLoS ONE 6(4) [Check it out!]

Wissenschaftreihe Habilitationen: Maximization Principles in Models of Frequency-Dependent Selection. Verlag Holzhausen GmbH.


Bioinformatics Research and Development. Communications in Computer and Information Science 13, Springer.

Proceedings BIRD 2008

Bioinformatics Research and Development, BIRD 2008. Trauner Verlag.

Proceedings BIRD 2008 Posters

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