Politics of Openness Podcast

Welcome to „Politics of Openness,“ a podcast that explores open data practices in the social sciences and related data sciences. Hosted by Dr. Katja Mayer, this series investigates both the transformative potential and the challenges of open research data amidst the digital transformation of our world. Join us as we examine the ethical, practical, and technological aspects of making research data and scientific knowledge production more accessible, interoperable and re-usable, reflecting on how these practices can enhance scientific productivity and social innovation. Questions of collective benefit, data equity, governance and all related questions of ethics, are crucial to this discussion. Through interviews with experts and practitioners in data sharing, open science, citizen science, infrastructures, digital commons and many more fields, this podcast aims to be your guide to understanding the complexities and paradoxes of openness in scientific knowledge production. In an era dominated by ubiquitous datafication, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, let us explore what is at stake and what actions are underway.

Date Title Duration
April 15, 2024 6:38 pm Jana Lasser: Advancing Reproducibility and Reuse
Politics of Openness
März 18, 2024 5:34 pm Dilek Fraisl: Citizen Science Generated Data
How the SDGs benefit from CS generated data