• Radio Interview with Austrian radio station FM4 about the Swiss referendum on public service media and public service broadcasting/licence fees in general, March 2.
  • Radio Interview with Austrian Public Broadcaster Ö1 about today’s role and importance of public service broadcasters for democracy and society, January 3.


  • Interview with Austrian Newspaper Wiener Zeitung on the Austrian Parliamentary elections and the success of the concept of “change”, October 19.
  • Interview with Austrian Radio Station FM4 (Program: Reality Check) about three studies conducted by the Media Governance Lab on killings of journalists worldwide and assaults on journalists in Europe as a commentary to the killing of the Maltese journalist yesterday Daphne Caruana Galizia, October 18.
  • Interview with the Greek Public Broadcaster ERT3 about the next day of elections in Austria, October 16.
  • Interview with Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten about the coverage of the refugee crisis in Austrian newspapers between 2015-2017, July 15.
  • Interview with the Austrian weekly newspaper Die Furche about online “trolls”, hate speech and fake news in social media, April 19.
  • TV Interview with ALLErt on ERT3 discussing the importance of teaching gender as a school of communication in Vienna and especially at times of democratic and equality backlash, March 6.


  • report about the article „Reluctant activists? The impact of legislative and structural attempts of surveillance on investigative journalism“ (by A. Mills and K. Sarikakis), December 15.
  • Interview with Athens Radio Flash FM on the political campaigning and social polarisation in the course of the Austrian Presidential Elections, December 2.


  • Interview on the possible scenaria after the parliamentary vote in Greece with regards to the much contested Eurozone agreement on the FM4 programme ‘Reality Check’, July 15.
  • Guest at the Morning News Magazine Proini Enimerosi (Πρωινη Ενημερωση) of ERT1, discussing the media role in covering the Greek Referendum, July 7.
  • Interview for the magazine NEWS about the TV series ‘Vorstadtweiber’ and the secret of its success (‘Vorstadtweiber auf der Psycho-Couch‘), NEWS, February 5 (print version pp. 102-104).
  • Interview at ERA Radio Morning Magazine on the issue of Audiovisual Archives digitalised by ERT and the current state of AV archives in Europe, ERTOpen, January 30.
  • Interview on ‘Wie kann es mit Griechenland weitergehen?‘ about the elections to the parliament in Greece, the success of SYRIZA and its implications on Greece, Ö1 programme Europa Journal, January 30.


  • Interview on the Brussels based Radio ‘Panik‘ on the programme ‘La Grece qui voyage’ on Public Service Media in Europe as the Fourth Estate and its devaluation  and the Greek broadcaster ERT, August 31.
  • Media Expert at the FM4 programme ‘Reality Check’ on Public Value
    The ORF today presented its “Public Value Report”, which aims to provide information on how the ORF fulfils its role as a public broadcaster. This is the sixth such annual report and is published in printed form and will also include TV, radio and online features and contributions from European media experts. Joanna Bostock spoke to Director General Alexander Wrabetz and Professor for Media and Governance from the University of Vienna, Katharine Sarikakis.
  • Guest at the ERT Discussion Programme ‘Labyrinth‘. Athens, February 28.
  • Guest at the Ö1 programme ‘Von Tag zu Tag’ about ‘Rundfunk, Meinungsfreiheit und Machtausübung – die Schließung des griechischen Rundfunks als Beispiel’ (Moderation: Raphael Rosenberg). Vienna, January 30. Ausgehend von den persönlichen Erfahrungen der Kommunikationswissenschaftlerin spricht Rainer Rosenberg über Verlässlichkeit in der öffentlichen Kommunikation, Einflussnahme von Machtträgern und das Recht der Zivilgesellschaft auf eine faire Basisversorgung mit Information und die Rolle von Medien als kulturelle Institutionen und Unterhalter.


  • Expert Guest on the Morning Show at ERTOpen ( Television on the budget measures about Higher Education and public sector governance in Greece, September 26.





  • Vatican Radio Features Programme interview on Pornography and policy


  • Interview ERA 2 (Greek Public Service Broadcaster); Agence Press Francaise, Kathimerini and various other Greek media



  • BBC radio Europe Today Interview on the Review of Television Without Frontiers Directive, Internet services control


  • (9/11) Interview Alpha Radio, on international media coverage of US elections; special programme on US presidential elections
  • THES ‘Why I’ column on PhD education

1999 – 2002

  • (30/11) Interview BBC World (Greek Service) on Copyright, Microsoft and the Internet
  • Articles in World View ‘The Times Higher Educational Supplement’

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