Keynote and Invited Presentations, Conference Presentations

2018      Keynote speaker on “Media as the fourth estate? Between agora and tyranny in the authoritarian century” at the international conference “1918-1938-2018: Dawn of an authoritarian century?”, Eckartsau, September 7.

2018      Invited Panelist at the public event “Against online hate – For more online civility”, University of Vienna, Vienna, April 26.

2018      Keynote speaker on “Culture and the (new) single market: Reproducing regimes of dominance or rebooting the new Europe?” at the International Round Table “Digital Single Market and its Impact on Culture and Media in Croatia”, Zagreb, April 3.

2017      Keynote speaker on “The assault on journalism – Building knowledge to protect freedom of expression” at the ECPMF17 “Defending journalists under threat, Leipzig, October 5.

2017      Invited speaker at the 1st Interdisciplinary Global Governance Symposium, Tor Vergata University, Rome, July 13.

2017      Invited panelist on “Education beyond teaching. Universities’ mission or only a spare time task? National, European and international perspectives” as part of the event “30 years Erasmus”, Department of Communication, Vienna, May 10.

2016     Invited speaker on “Key challenges to media freedom and pluralism in Western Europe in the short and long run“ at the international seminar “Media Freedom and Pluralism in Europe – Threats and Responses“, Copenhagen, December 1-2.

2016      Invited panelist discussing “Polarization and Securization: Fear Re-Shaping European Democracies” and “Demos: Who belongs to the political community?” at the Aktionstage: Refugees – Migration – Democracy, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, November 29.

2016     Keynote speaker at the 18th Infocom World Conference 2016 (session: “Omni TV: Think outside the -TV- box“), Athens, November 2.

2016      Invited panelist discussing “Wohin geht das Medien- und Kommunikationsrecht?” at the 12. Österreichisches Rundfunkforum “Meinungs- und Medienfreiheit in der digitalen Ära: Eine Neuvermessung der Kommunikationsfreiheit”, Vienna, October 21.

2016     Invited speaker on “Standards for media in the context of elections“ at the Parliamentary Conference on Media Freedom as a Cornerstone for Democratic Elections, Parliament of Germany (Bundestag), Berlin, July 4.

2016      Invited panelist discussing “The right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy in the context of increased security concerns in Europe: Challenges and promising practices“ at the Fundamental Rights Forum 2016, Vienna, June 21.

2016      Invited panelist discussing “The cultural OMC – An assessment“ at “The cultural open method of coordination: A new boost for cultural policies in Europe?” conference, Campus Brussels of Maastricht University, Brussels, June 20.

2015     Expert panelist on the topic of hate speech discussing “Hate Speech – Can we control it? Should we try?“ at the NEWS Xchange annual conference, Berlin, October 28-30.

2015     Invited panelist discussing “Communication and Control: Freedom of speech in crisis Europe” at the “Communicative democracy. Protecting, promoting and developing free speech in the digital era” conference, Gothenburg, October 6-7.

2015     Keynote speaker on “The ‘organic intellectual’: Critical scholarship in media and communication” at the annual conference of the ‘Medien, Öffentlichkeit und Gender’ division of the German Communication Association (DGPuK), Salzburg, October 3.

2015     Invited panelist at an ‘Oxford-Style Debate’ at the Media Trends 2015: Power and Media: Ownership, Sponsorship, Censorship Conference, Webster Vienna Private University, Vienna, September 10.

2015     Invited panelist on “Main trends and challenges in the new European media culture” at the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop 2015 at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, September 8.

2015     Invited panelist on “Media Policy Institutions and Actors” at the 17th annual Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute, Oxford, June 29.

2015     Keynote speaker on “Challenges to promoting accessibility to digital communications: The role of regulation and institutional frameworks” at the Conference on Digital Accessibility, Seoul, May 18-20.

2015     Invited speaker on “Institutional and legal frameworks for sustainable protection of human rights in communication” at the Media, Communication System and Sustainable Development Conference, Panteion University, Athens, May 6-8.

2015     Keynote speaker on “Public Media in Europe: Model diversity and common challenges in public service for citizens” at the ComLoc 2015. XIII Congress of Local Communication, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón de la Plana, April 15.

2015     Invited speaker on “The role of legal consciousness in the governance of communicative spaces: Dominance, resistance, normativity” at the FACE Conference: European Media Policy 2015: New Contexts, New Approaches, Helsinki, April 9.

2015     Invited panelist on “Drug Knowledge, Use, and Policy Changes” (Young Adults Focus Group), organised by the ACUNS Vienna Liaison Office and UNODC. Vienna, January 13.

2014     Invited speaker on the “Constitutional Reform on Freedom of Information in Austria” at the International Conference on ‘Free Access on Information – Right of Free Access to Information vs. Protection of Information’, Czech Ministry of Interior, Prague, November 27.

2014     Keynote speaker at the Salford International Media Festival and Academic Conference ‘Challenging Media Landscapes – Exploring Media Choice and Freedom’ at the University of Salford, MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, Salford, November 17.

2014     Keynote speaker on “What matters? ‘Doing’ media governance with ignorance” at the conference ‘Medien Denken’, organised by Mediologie @ Wien. Vienna, October 31.

2014      Invited speaker on “‘Alte’ Kriege und Kultur: Frauen an den Grenzen Europas” at the Symposium ‘Heimatfron_t! Frauen, Medien und Krieg’. Austrian Parliament, Vienna, October 30.

2014     Keynote speaker on ‘Narratives of the financial crisis in the European press: the banal faces of Europe’ at the Agenda III International Conference ‘Russia and Europe: Topical Issues of Contemporary International Journalism. Global challenges through the lens of mass media’. Vienna, October 28.

2014      Invited panelist on ‘Nachrichten als Code. Technik als Entwicklungstreiber des Journalismus’ at the conference Neueste Nachrichten. Journalismus in der digitalen Medienkultur. Lüneburg, October 10.

2014      Invited speaker on ‘Quality assurance and social investment in public service media’ at the UNI MEI World Public Service Broadcasting Conference: Global Values – Quality Services. Vienna, October 1.

2014     Keynote speaker on ‘Changing geographies of production and consumption in the global online porn industry: the impact on sex workers’ at the Dynamics of Virtual Work Conference: The Transformation of Labour in a Digital Global Economy. University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, September 5.

2014     Keynote speaker at the  Press Freedom, Privacy and Propaganda Conference on Citizenship and Digital Freedom, Athens, June 2.

2014      Invited panelist on ‘Zwischen Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit – Wie politisch ist das Private im digitalen Zeitalter?‘ (panel discussion on privacy and freedom of information in the digital age), Vienna, May 15.

2014      Invited speaker on ‘The epistemology of Media governance‘ at the Munich Center on Governance, Communication, Public Policy and Law, Munich, April 28.

2014      Invited speaker at the New Year Welcome Reception to International Researchers. Vienna City Hall, Vienna, January 9.

2013      Invited panelist onWeb 2.0 is watching you: Was machen Facebook, Google & Co mit unseren Daten?‘. University of Vienna, Vienna, November 6. [Link to the University of Vienna Medienportal]

2013      Keynote speaker at the 15th JournalistsCongress, November 5.

2013      Invited speaker on ‘International Media Governance’ at the Institut für Journalistik/Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft of the Universität der Bundeswehr München. Munich, October 21.

2013       Dis/connecting people: Communication governance in times of crisis. ESA 2013 Torino “Crisis, Critique and Change”, Universita degli studi di Torino, Italy, August 28-31.

2013      Rapporteur of the Council of Europe and Government of the Netherlands Conference Media and the Image of Women, July 4-6.

2013      Invited panelist on “Sparkurs auf Kosten der Informationsfreiheit. Demokratiedefizit in Griechen – haben sich öffentlich-rechtlicher Sender überlebt?” at the Presseclub Concordia, June 24.

2013      Invited speaker and panelist on “Media pluralism in Europe” and “The representation of minorities on Media” at the Transnational forum on civil rights, IEMed, Barcelona, June 8-9. LINK

2013      Invited panelist on “Global Pivots: Controlling the Narrative” at the 2013 Milton Wolf Seminar on Diplomatic Maneuvers and Journalistic Coverage in a Time of Reset, Pivot and Rebalance, Diplomatic Academy Vienna. PDF

2013      Invited speaker at the First Multistakeholder WSIS + 10 Review Event to take place 25-27 February at UNESCO HQs in Paris. LINK

2013      Keynote speaker at the launch of RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy at the University of Glasgow on February 1. LINK

2012      Invited panelist at the Workshop “‘Crisis’ – ‘Democracy’ – ‘Europe’: terms of contract? Framing public debates of the crisis“. Workshop of the Austrian Research Association ‘The Financial Crises of the 21st Century’, Business University Vienna, October 18-19, 2012.

2012      Invited speaker at the European Science Foundation Forward Look Workshop on Identity and the Media in Nicosia, Cyprus from May 16th-18th. The workshop was an ESF brainstorming and consultative workshop with selected specialists from Europe to design and report on the ESF and European Research Agenda for the next five to ten years. Presentation “Communication regulation and media governance as forms of shaping conditions of self-governance“.

2012      Invited speaker European Science Foundation (ESF) workshop “Being European – film, television, cultural policy and everyday life”, co-organized by the University of Copenhagen and the Universities of York and the Free University Brussels. Copenhagen from May 23rd-25th.

2012      Invited speaker “Der Übergang vom Master zum Doktorat”, Center for Doctoral Studies at the University of Vienna on June 22nd, 2012.

2012      Keynote talk at the FEJS Annual Congress 2012 April 19 – 23, 2012 ‘The European Crisis: A Mission for Journalists‘.

2012      Invited panelist on “Slouching to and from Democracy, the case of Hungary” Transitions Transformed: Ideas of Information and Democracy Post-2011 Milton Wolf Seminars, Diplomatic Academy Vienna.  Co-panelist with: Zoltán Kovács (Hungary’s State Secretary for Government Communications), Attila Mesterhazy (Chairman of the Hungarian Socialist Party), Amy Brouillette (CMCS, Central European University). PDF.

2011      Invited Speaker ‘Sharing, labour and control in the digital era’, Cultures and Ethics of Sharing. University of Innsbruck (November 18/19).

Katharine Sarikakis sharing labour and control in the digital era pdf
Found at

2011      Invited Discussant ‘10 years after 9/11: Security and Freedom of the Press organised by Reporters without borders and Medienhaus Vienna (September 9).

2011      Invited Speaker ’European Digital Radio Policies’ University of Leeds (June 6).

2011      Invited Research Seminar Speaker Future of cultural policy: Budget cuts on culture in European countries “Research Dialogues” London School of Economics and Political Science (January 12).

2010      Keynote Speaker at the MECCSA annual conference London School of Economics January 6 on Commercial Trafficking of Private Data, Privacy and the Governance of Media in Britain and the EU.

2010     Invited Speaker  European Imaginaries – European Life Modes Symposium University of Copenhagen (October).

2009      Invited Speaker Cosmopolitanism and Europe special symposium Goldsmiths College, University of London (28 November).

2009     Invited Panelist  Symposium Internet and Youth: Opportunities and Challenges National and Kapodistrian University Athens (May 5).

2009      Keynote Speaker Conference: Europeanization, Welfare and Democracy,University of Copenhagen, Denmark April 15-17.

2009      Keynote Speaker New Times, New Keywords Media and Global Communication in the 21st Century Conference on University of Helsinki October 23.

2009      Keynote Speaker Media for All? London October 31 organised by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and National Union of Journalists on Media Governance and Media Structures.

2009      Keynote speaker Nordic Conference on Soul Body and Society Karlstadt University 13-15 August.

2009      Keynote speaker invitations by White Rose Consortium (April 2009) and Hong Kong City University Journalism conference (April 2009) Workshop and Community Outreach Activity on European Media and Culture Policies Bahcesehir University Istanbul (June) unable to attend.

2009     Invited Discussant Europe identity and culture, Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence University of Leeds, European Commission and European Parliament sponsored event at Leeds City Hall (March 17)

2008      Keynote speaker Melbourne Law School Conference: Media, Communication and Public Speech. University of Melbourne, Australia November 21.

2008      Invited Research Seminar Speaker Power and Powerlessness: the Geographies of production, consumption and decision-making in global communications,  Karlstad University, Sweden December.

2008      Invited Speaker Gendered Networks and Migration Preconference IAMCR Stockholm.

2008      Invited Research Seminar Speaker Globalisation and media and cultural policy: the quest for social justice: Glasgow University, Scotland April.

2008      Invited Research Seminar Speaker Media(ted) Governance: Culture, media and social cohesion in the EU University of Leicester, Department of Media and Communication: March 12.

2008      The Global Brothel: on the culture and political economy of the global pornography industry Canadian Communication Association Vancouver June 4-6.

2007      Watch this Communicative Space: Tensions and Conflicts in EU communications Policy. International Studies Association Annual conference Chicago (February/March).

2006      Postgraduate Research Students and Equity in Communication Studies Round-Table Feminist Division International Communications Association.

2006      Keynote speaker: Challenges for the Public Service Broadcasting System in the digital age. IMEE Institute for Research in Applied Communication Cyprus (May).

2005      Panelist Feminist Dialogue on the World Summit Information Society International Communication Association, New York, May.

2004      Keynote speaker ‘Communication in the Global World’ University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Association for Communication Studies, Junior Communication Scholars, unable to attend.

2004      Invited Speaker ‘European Public Sphere’ Conference, European Social and Cultural Studies Centre (ESCUS) University of Sheffield 23-24 September.

2004      Cultural Citizenship vs. Cultural Domination, For a New World Cultural Contract, 3rd World Forum of Religions and Cultures, Panteion University Athens, May 7-9.

2004      Governance and the privatisation of citizenship World Summit on Information Society panel, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada, March 26.

2004      Research Seminar Paper The gender-poiesis of cultural and communications policy: what could a feminist analysis offer? McGill Centre in Research and Training on Women, Montreal, Canada, March 4.

2003      MECCSA women’s network- gender and mentoring in the Academe, University of Cardiff 31 October.

2001      Invited Speaker/Discussant Commission on the Status of Women in Mass Communication Plenary. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference (AEJMC) Washington DC, USA.

2001      Invited Presenter Communications graduates, tomorrow’s academics. Donna Allen Memorial Symposium, Washington DC, USA.

2000      Invited speaker European Union and regional media. At the Journalism and Regional Media in Europe Conference; Volos, Greece.

2000      Invited Speaker European Information Society and social exclusion. ECCR Panel, Conference of the Austrian, German and Swiss Communication Associations, Vienna, Austria.

1999      Invited Lecture ‘Reality TV in Europe’ School of Journalism, Institute for Vocational Training XYNI, Athens, Greece.

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