Katharine moderating panel at ACUNS Vienna UN Conference 2016

The ACUNS Vienna UN Conference “New approaches for a peaceful and more sustainable world” is taking place at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) between January 13-15, 2016. Katharine will moderate a panel on “Persistent and emerging security challenges”.

Main questions and issues to be discussed include

  • Containing Boko Haram’s Transnational Reach: Toward a Developmental Approach to Border Management
  • Preventing Radicalisation Towards Violent Extremism – A Matter of Society not Security
  • NPT: “No Progress Tomorrow” or Non-Proliferation Treaty? Analysis & solutions to a number of NPT problem areas
  • Child Soldiers: Victims or War Criminals? Criminal responsibility and prosecution of child soldiers under international criminal law and the need of legal protection for radicalized children in Western countries

Detail information on the conference programme can be accessed here.

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