Katharine at News XChange Annual Conference in Berlin

Katharine is invited to participate in NEWS Xchange’s annual conference, to be held in Berlin, Germany from October 28-30. News Xchange is an annual gathering of approximately 500 senior media executives from around the world. This year’s conference is hosted by ZDF, the German public service media company.

She will be an expert panelist in a discussion on the topic of hate speech entitled “Hate Speech – Can we control it? Should we try?“. The session will explore the key question: As social media’s importance in news and its integration with the news business grows, will differing attitudes to Free Speech across all media affect how news is presented or perceived – is the quality of news being diminished by opinion’s evil cousin, hate speech?

Katharine’s profile for the conference can be found here. The website of the conference, incl. the programme, can be accessed here.

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