3rd ISA Forum of Sociology in Vienna

The 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology (Title: “The futures we want: Global Sociology and the struggles for a better world”) will be held in Vienna from July 10-14, 2016.

On Monday, July 11, Izabela Korbiel and Katharine will participate in the panel entitled “Contemporary Communication Issues” and present their work on “Governance of content on political suicide in times of financial crisis” at the University of Vienna’s main building.

More details on the panel can be found here.

Katharine to be Chair of the Communication Law and Policy Division at ICA’s Annual Conference

The 66th annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) entitled Communicating with Power will be held in Fukuoka (Japan) on the island of Kyūshū from June 9-13.

Katharine will be incoming chair of the Communication Law and Policy Division of the ICA and will resume this position for the next two years. In Japan she will also present her paper (co-authored by Lisa Winter) on “Young social media users’ legal consciousness about privacy”.

Conference on “Audiovisual Media Services within the Digital Single Market” in Brussels

LSE Media Policy Project in collaboration with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) are organising a conference on Audiovisual Media Services within the Digital Single Market, to be held in Brussels (Belgium) on June 15, 2016.

Krisztina Rozgonyi and Katharine have been accepted to present their work on “Supporting European AV works diversity beyond quotas“.

EuroCPR 2016 Conference in Brussels

This year’s EuroCPR 2016 conference entitled “Content creation and distribution in the digital single market” will once again be held at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels, Belgium, from March 14-15.

Katharine and Krisztina Rozgonyi (paper co-authored by Olga Kolokytha) will present their work on “The case of ‘content-exception’ as a policy compromise between public needs and private interests“.

If you are interested in the full conference programme please check here.

Katharine invited to conference in Gothenburg, Sweden

The University of Gothenburg is organising a conference entitled “Communicative democracy. Protecting, promoting and developing free speech in the digital era”, to be held in the Swedish city from October 6-7.

On the opening day, Katharine is invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with Andrew Kenyon (Melbourne Law School) and Justin Lewis (Cardiff University). Furthermore, she will participate in a panel entitled ‘Structuring Democratic Engagement’ and add her expertise on “Communication and Control: Freedom of speech in crisis Europe”.

The conference programme can be accessed here.

Media Trends 2015: Power and Media: Ownership, Sponsorship, Censorship

Katharine will play a major part at the Media Trends 2015: Power and Media: Ownership, Sponsorship, Censorship conference, organised and hosted by the Webster Vienna Private University.

She is invited to participate in an Oxford-Style Debate (Debate motion: Public ownership of the media must be expanded in order to counter state, private and/or corporate interference) alongside Brooke Gladstone (WNYC), Andreas Rudas (RTL Group) and Alexander Wrabetz (ORF). The debate will be moderated by Bradley Wiggings (Webster Vienna Private University).
Time and Location: Thursday, September 10, 06:00-07:30 pm, Atrium

On Friday (9:00 am) Katharine will present her work on “Political disobedience and the fourth model of public service media in Europeduring the panel Public Media: Convergence, Confrontation and Crisis.

The full conference programme is available here.

Katharine part of organising committee at the ‘Media, Communication System and Sustainable Development’ conference

The Panteion University of Athens (Greece) is organising the conference Media, Communication System and Sustainable Development, which will be held between May 6-8.

As part of the organising committee, Katharine will organise a panel on ‘The role of mass media in sustainable democracy in times of crisis’. Furthermore, she is invited to present her work on ‘Institutional and legal frameworks for sustainable protection of human rights in communication’.