(note added 2019) This is a time capsule: My fonts website as it was in 2013, which was even then only a copy of a website I made in 2007 or so. Feel free to have a look around, but keep in mind it is not up to date in any way.

Here's the thing: I haven’t touched my font folder since 2007. Now, six years on (2013), a lot has changed and I know a lot more about making fonts and typography and the technical bits behind it than I did at 15, in 2003, when I started this site. And with the advent of online font-building sites and OpenType, most of what is stored here is to some point obsolete (especially the web address the 7ptfonts.at.tt domain points to which became non-existent when the webhost folded). I have given the site a new home because after all these years, I still like my fonts and the site design and I wanted to showcase that. Feel free to enjoy like it's 2003, but notice that everything is provided as is, no guarantees for anything that might or might not be working.

You can reach me at katharina.prochazka[at]airpost[dot]net, I like reading e-mail.

Astronomy for Beginners

Part 3: The Solar System

1. The Dawn of Time

Take a girl. Add a computer, too much time, a tablespoon of boredom, a pinch of masochism and one original idea.

What I wrote about the birth of Blau (7pt): “Does the world really need another pixel font? In 2003, my answer was ‘Yes, absolutely!’ (…) Full of motivation I set out to create my font. In the end I was left with two things: The insight that fonts are not created as easily as one would like, and Blau itself.”

I am not a full-time font designer, I am not even a professional. I like (web) design, that’s all.

2. And There Were Planets and Moons

2.1 In the Eye of the Beholder

My fonts are free of charge for both personal and commercial use. However, I do ask you to set a link to http://7ptfonts.at.tt if you use any of them. Thank you!

2.2 My Very Educated Mother Just Said Uh-oh No (Pluto)

new font!
sample of Schwarz 7pt
downloaddownload for mac (.sit)download for pc (.zip)more information about this font

sample of Gelb 7pt
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sample of Rot 7pt
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sample of Blau 7pt
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

3. Eight or Nine? Star or Dwarf Planet?

The fonts should be used at size 9 pixels or 7 points (on a Windows system), hence the name. However, since the point size varies with the resolution (more information), the perfect point size may depend on the program and type of computer you use. Either way, make sure to turn anti-aliasing off.


7. The Sun is but a Star: Goodbye

You can reach me via if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting!


Images for the font samples were obtained from photocase (1 2 3 4); all other graphics were made by me (Paint Shop Pro 7 is my hero, so is EasyHtml).

Instructions on how to install a font.
A few tips and tricks for working with pixel fonts.

The Moon alphabet was invented by Dr. William Moon after he became blind at the age of 21. His aim was to facilitate reading by developing an alternative system for those who found Braille too hard to learn. However, it never really caught on and even today Moon is little known outside the UK.
(wikipedia page on Moon type)

I’ve always liked the look of Moon and after World Braille Day on January 4 I decided to make it a pixel font. I chose the name Schwarz (the German word for black) because it continues the color theme of my other fonts and because it signifies the darkness people experience when they lose their sight.

I have included several special characters and also the “StaffMaths” numbers. A more detailed explanation can be found in the ReadMe-file that comes with the font.

Schwarz 7pt is a monospaced typeface.

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