German books I have (co-)written:

An extended, revised version of my MA thesis.
Buchcover Genusdetermination bei Fußballvereinsnamen
more information (German)

A cookbook for autistic people.
Buchcover Das Kochbuch mit dem gewissen Extra

Katharina Prochazka | Vienna |


Currently I work at the Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Vienna, within the sub-project German in the context of the other languages of the Habsburg state (19th century) and the Second Austrian Republic which is embedded in the larger special research programme “German in Austria”.

I am also working on my dissertation at the Faculty of Physics in the group Dynamics of Condensed Systems. My research brings together physics and linguistics: How can we use methods from (solid state) physics to describe the spread of languages?

Further information, interactive maps and publications can be found on the project website:

Other things I do: I am involved with the Young Minds section of the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG), and I previously taught several courses (physics and linguistics).

> As a physicist, I specialize in (experimental) solid state physics and materials science.
> For my MSc thesis (MSc in physics, 2015), I did research on ceramic fibers with small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) – how does the inner structure change at high temperatures?

> As a linguist, my research interests are Austrian German, syntax, morphology, sociolinguistics, and especially the linguistics of football.
> I obtained an MA in theoretical linguistics from the University of Vienna in 2013. My master’s thesis dealt with the gender of football club names in Austrian German. You can check out the English summary or the complete German version.

Graphic design
> In addition to physics and linguistics (and football), I spend my time with graphic design, layout and editing. The technical details I learnt at a graphic design school between 2006 and 2008.
> A couple of my favorite fonts: Juvenis, Palatino (open source: URW Palladio L), Source Sans Pro.
> When I was 15, I designed a couple of pixel fonts, the most popular being Blau 7pt.
> I co-wrote and produced a cookbook for autistic people which you can buy on Amazon or via . Again, in German.

The picture shows a street in London and was taken by me in 2007.