T 589-G23 Portrait of the Woman Artist: Gender and Genre in Biofiction
Julia Lajta-Novak
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Project Publications

Conference Report: "Biography and/as Experimental Fiction", 5 June, Goldsmiths University of London

'Inaccurate but Truthful': Q&A with Screenwriter Peter Morgan." With Werner Huber. European Journal of Life Writing 4.2 (2015). 

Disparate Images: Literary Heroism and the 'Work vs. Life' Topos in Contemporary Biofictions about Victorian Authors.” With Sandra Mayer. Neo-Victorian Studies 7.1 (2014). 25-51.

The (Re-)Making of Clara Wieck-Schumann: Celebrity and Gender in Biofiction.Search for the Real: Authenticity and the Construction of Celebrity. Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press, 2014. 97-112. 

Nell Gwyn in Contemporary Romance Novels: Biography and the Dictates of 'Genre Literature'.” Contemporary Women's Writing 8.3 (2014): 373-390.

Father and Daughter across Europe: The Journeys of Clara Wieck Schumann and Artemisia Gentileschi in Fictionalised Biographies.” European Journal of Life Writing 1 (2012): 41-57.

“Clara Wieck-Schumann in Vienna: The Making of a Star, Retold in Biofiction.” Stardom: Discussions on Fame and Celebrity Culture. Ed. Katarzyna Bronk. eBook. Inter-Disciplinary.Press, 2012. 3-12.


Earlier Publications

Biographical Fiction to Historiographic Metafiction: Rewriting Clara Schumann.” Brno Studies in English. Special issue: Transgressive Auto/Biography. 37.2 (2011): 145-158.

Clara Schumann: A Life in Letters and Notes”. From the Cradle to the Grave: Life-Course Models in Literary Genres. Ed. Sabine Coelsch-Foisner and Sarah Herbe. Heidelberg: Winter, 2011. 19-27.



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