Juan Gorraiz

Juan Gorraiz

Born in Madrid November 30, 1954, Juan received his Master's of Science in Physics from the Complutensian University of Madrid. His dissertation was written based on the vision of color and given at the University of Vienna.

Today, he resides in Vienna, where he works as librarian at the Austrian Central Library for Physics, a dependence of the Vienna University Library.

He has published, aside from other scientific and bibliometrical articles, two collections of poems »Nächte aus Seide« (Nights of silk) and »Die Farben des Schweigens« (The colors of silence).

In his latest work, to which he has dedicated more than six years of study and consultations of numerous historical sources, and many literary as well, he offers a new interpretation of a legend that belongs already to our collective memory. This story is still being used in our daily lives to raise spirits and to give strength to the meek in their fight against a more powerful and oppressive enemy.

Juan asks, what if official history was only the winners' version of the facts, and was then insisted upon and eventually immortalized their rights? Can't the Truth be more easily witnessed in the confessions and the feelings of his protagonists, in their contradictions, their obsessions and yearnings?

This book is an adventure waiting for all those who are ready to reinvent history.

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