Joonas Turunen

I am a postdoc faculty member (Universitätsassistent) in the probability theory group of the University of Vienna, Faculty of Mathematics. I am also part of the active and lively Vienna probability community . Before arriving in Vienna, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in mathematical physics at the ENS de Lyon, where my work was supported by a personal fellowship of the LabEx MILYON . I work on questions of random geometry arising from the interface of probability, combinatorics and statistical physics. I defended my thesis On Ising Model Coupled to Random Planar Triangulations in 2020, for which I worked in the Mathematical Physics group at the University of Helsinki. It focuses on random planar maps coupled to the Ising model, which could be viewed as a discrete model of the Liouville Quantum Gravity with matter. To get an idea of this, see my talks in Paris-Saclay (2020), in Cambridge (2018), or a short online talk . I also work on other random planar map models, both pure and decorated, and related random processes.

Curriculum Vitae

Research papers

  • Interfaces in the vertex-decorated Ising model on random triangulations of the disk. arXiv preprint (2020)
  • Ising model on random triangulations of the disk: phase transition (with Linxiao Chen), Commun. Math. Phys. 397, 793–873 (2023). Journal version, arXiv preprint
  • Critical Ising model on random triangulations of the disk: enumeration and local limits (with Linxiao Chen), Commun. Math. Phys. 374, 1577–1643 (2020). Journal version, arXiv preprint


Lecturer (University of Vienna)

Proseminar instructor (University of Vienna)

Course assistant (University of Helsinki)

Minicourse assistant (ENS de Lyon / CIRM)

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