Ideological Cross-pressures

together with Zoe Lefkofridi and Markus Wagner (2014), Left-authoritarians and Policy Representation in Western Europe: Electoral Choice across Ideological Dimensions, West European Politics 37(1): 65-90.

Election forecast of the Austrian National Election 2013

together with Julian Aichholzer (2014), Forecasting Austrian National Elections: The Grand Coalition Model, International Journal of Forecasting 30(1): 55-64.

Work in Progress: Papers on the Structure of Ideology

1) The Structure of Political Attitudes in Western Europe

Work in Progress: Papers on the Gender Gap and Feminism

1) (together with Leonie Huddy), Partisan Sorting and The Feminist Gap in American Politics.

Work in Progress: Papers on Cross-pressures

1) Cross-Pressured Partisans. How Voters Make up their Minds when Parties and Issues Diverge.
2) What You See Is What You Get. How Candidates and Leaders Unhinge Voters.