Emotional Politics of Democracies (ENCODE)

Period: June 2024 - May 2027
Amount: Euro 750k


"The Emotional Politics of Democracies" (ENCODE) is an initiative under Horizon Europe which seeks to explore emotional dimensions in European democratic politics. It is set to run for three years, has a total budget of 2.9 million euro, and involves a consortium of ten organizations across eight European countries. 

The University of Vienna team is Jörg Matthes (PI), Anand Murugesan, Andreas Nanz, and Jean-Robert Tyran (co-PI) will study the interplay of emotions, democratic values, and resilience (WP5). Murugesan and Tyran will focus on emotions and democratic values (WP T5.2) and on emotions and democratic resilience (T5.3). They combine experimental methodologies with large-scale surveys to enhance the understanding and measurement of democratic resilience across ten European countries. The expected outcomes include an experimentally validated survey and a geographical heatmap of democratic resilience aiming to gather new insights into how emotions affect political behavior. 

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