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08.2014 :  It has been over a year since my last update. How does it look now - it is better. Far from perfect, but much better.
There are things that make me sick (changing my sons last name in US - well in Europe their last name is still Szymczak),
but I have to admit an effort has been made to get things closer to normality. 
Let's keep it that way!!!

(2013.09.07) Update: I talked to My son!!!  I hope it is going to be  more normal from now on....

I have to admit I am surprised with it, I am HAPPY AS HELL, but surprised. My feelings are it is too good to be true. I hope I am totally wrong, and I still hope that my relation with mother of my kids will NEVER MORE more affect my contact with my wonderful sons.

I hope I am never going to ask you for the info about my sons.





Dear Friends, Colleagues, or any visitor of this page!!!

In June 2012 I am denied possibility of any contact with my kids Jaromir, Jonatan and Julian Szymczak.

If anyone knows anything about their whereabouts, please contact me via e-mail or call me directly.


my phone: +41 799 55 60 80

e-mail: aldonix .at. gmail.com


Hi All!

It is nice to see you here ... Please keep in mind, that it is private area, if you do not like content of it please leave.


Some of you asked me what is my kids last name: Lawfully their last name is Szymczak. The same is with Jonatan first name - it is JONATAN and N O T JonatHan.

Mrs. Saloni stated that she cannot contact me and that I disappeared from life of my kids.

At the same time I was calling them all the time and was talking to them whenever she picked up the phone.

I was informed about the change half a year later, only because polish authorities refused to register this absurd.

Why am I writing this in the first place?

I am fed up with all the lies my kids are fed with. Both Mrs. Salonis even if confronted with truth can get away with all the lies without any consequences.




All pictures below are very outdated, but I do not have too many of the new ones...


Few things about me:

I have wonderful sons Jaromir, Jonatan and Julian - the best kids one can imagine. Every parent says it about his/her kids,but believe me - mine are THE BEST of the bests.

But just look at them - Here They Are - the Great Trinity of JJ's:


...and also some old pictures...

Jaromir Jerzy

Jonatan Jakub and Julian Jaroslaw







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